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Sunday, September 28, 2014



We are trying something new this week.  The Top 5 teams will be ranked and the remaining teams will be considered unranked.

1.  The Competitors (3-0)
Leading the league with total points scored and arguably the best roster in the league.  If I had to put money on one team to make a playoff run it would be The Competitors.

2.  The DDW (2-1)
Cody's team has scored the 2nd most points and while I don't think the DDW have the strongest roster in the league, I think they are going to be a tough out for The Comps today.

3.  The Prospectors (2-1)
The Prospectors are the 3rd in total points (are you noticing a trend here?) -- I think the long term success of this team depends on Matt Stafford.  He's on a short leash and if he fails to show up today he could be headed for free agency.

4.  The Nomads (2-1)
The defending champs also have their fair share of questions -- is Eddie Lacy the new Trent Richardson?  With injuries mounting (Ingram, Ryan Matthews), I have my concerns if this team is going to be capable of putting up points.

5.  The Silverbacks (3-0)
At some point you can't ignore the word "undefeated."  While they aren't pretty (they are outside the top 5 in points scored) and they certainly aren't young... The Silverbacks know how to win.  With no AP, I have my concerns long term for this team, but the old man knows how to grind it out.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 3 Power Rankings

1.  The Competitors
No questions here -- The Competitors are leading the league in points scored and are undefeated.

2.  DDW
They have not put up as many points as the other top teams, but they have arguably one of the most balanced rosters in the league.

3.  Nomads

4.  The Prospectors
The Prospectors are still #2 in overall points scored.  Still like this roster.

5.  The Kurteous Bastards

6.  Prestige World Wide
I still have my questions...

7.  The Silverbacks
Last week they scraped by with a 75 point win.  That won't happen often.  Despite being 2-0, I have major questions about this roster long term.

8.  Mountain Warriors
I've been high on these guys early on and last week they put the league on notice when they put up 128 points.  Love their lineup (wish I didn't have to play them this week).  Big jump up the power rankings with another win.

9.  The Desperados
Teams around the league are starting to call The Desperados a "bye week."  Let's see how Alan responds.

10.  The Fighting Cant's
The mighty have fallen, hard.

11.  The Woodsmen
Hard to believe Josh is 0-2 - Ray Rice, Jamaal Charles, Randall Cobb, AJ Green... what could have been.

12.  Centurions
No words.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Ok, ok, I'll admit, my celebration of my Power Rankings were a bit premature.  Monday night left 3 of the top 4 teams with losses.  In fact, most of the lower ranked teams beat higher ranking teams in week 1 of play.  I still standby my initial power rankings.  Granted, there will be some shakeups (sorry Josh, that loss of Ray Rice is gonna hurt), but I refuse to overreact after only 1 week of play.  With that, let's take a look at the Week 2 Power Rankings:


1.  The Prospectors (1-0)
The Prospectors were the only team in the top 4 to win.  They also posted a league high score of 124.1 points.

2.  The Competitors (1-0)
Any questions I had about The Competitors backfield were answered on Sunday.  Collectively, Demarco Murray (18 pts), Rashad Jennings (15 pts), and Chris Johnson (15 pts) accounted for 48 points.  Balance at the RB position is a key ingredient in making a playoff run and The Competitors have it.  Additionally, The Competitors have the most depth at the RB position out of the entire league.  The Competitors have four RBs on the bench, including Lamar Miller (11 pts), Terrance West (10 pts), Khiry Robinson (8 pts), and Stepfan Taylor (8 pts).  This could finally be the year that The Competitors break the Kitna curse!

3.  DDW (0-1)
Tough 1 point loss for the DDW this week.  They put up a respectable 88 points.  I still really like this team for the playoffs.  They got a tough match this week against a team that The Woodsmen.

4.  The Nomads (0-1)
The Nomads had a disappointing opener.  Who cares?  We are all gonna put up low scores.  The only concern I have for this team is Lacy's health.  Still a balanced team with a lot of talent.  Also, nice to see Mark Ingram and CJ Spiller look like the players they were in college.

5.  The Silverbacks (1-0)
I'm always rooting for Ole' Silver and his band of retirees, so it was a nice surprise to see the old dogs get a win!  Joking aside, The Silverbacks have a legit squad - especially if Cordarrelle Patterson emerges as the new Percy Harvin (which it looks like he could after that 18 pt performance).  It should also be noted that The Silverbacks have substantial depth at the RB position - AP, Steven Jackson, Trent Richardson, Knowshon Moreno, Pierre Thomas, and Devonta Freeman.

6.  The KBs (1-0)
This will be a high scoring team all season - very balanced.

7.  Woodsmen (0-1)
Big tumble this week. This was a #1 team with Ray Rice in the roster.  Ray Rice is no longer part of the equation and Johnathan Dwyer is not gonna get it done.

8.  Prestige Worldwide (1-0)
I am still low on this team.  Too many health questions.  If Andre Ellington has a good week I will be much more optimistic PW.

9.  Desperados (1-0)
It feels wrong to put a team with a win at #9.  I just can't ignore the Ben Tate injury.  This roster is RB poor -- I don't think you can escape with a win scoring 80 often.  Desperados are gonna be desperate for some RBs.

10.  MTW (0-1)
Still think this could be a sneaky team.  Aaron Rodger doesn't score under 10 points ever again.  Don't panic Preston, you're good.  If you win this week, you make a big jump up the power rankings.

11.  Fighting Cant's (0-1)
I was so wrong about Le'Von Belle.

12.  Centurions (0-1)
Paging Billy Beane! 

Monday, September 8, 2014


Power Rankings Dead On!  The Woodsmen & Ray Rice?  Julius Thomas Hecklers?

Everybody likes to bitch about the power rankings, but let's look at the results?  The Top 3 out of 4 teams all won on Sunday (or are projected to win).  The Woodsmen were the only team in the top 4 to lose, but they lost to The Competitors, a top 5 team.

Speaking of The Woodsmen, the Ray Rice video concerns me in a big way.  I could see Ray Rice being out for the year, leaving The Woodsmen with a super questionable backfield - Jamaal Charles had a slow debut, and Jonathan Dwyer is unproven.  I think these concerns are something Josh and The Woodsmen are going to have to address sooner than later.  Maybe The Woodsmen leverage Matt Ryan's debut and try to land a mid-tier RB?  Maybe they look to move Randall Cobb?  At any rate, if Ray Rice is out for the season (instead of just two games), I am not as confident in saying that The Woodsmen are a #1 team.  I don't think Josh would disagree. 

How about Julius Thomas last night?  Anyone still want to give The Prospectors shit about their #1 draft pick?  

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Silverbacks Underrated!  Woodsmen Bench Matt Ryan? Competitors Deep!

The Silverbacks might have been the most underrated team heading into Week 1.  The SBs have a legit bench too - Knowshon Moreno put up 19 and Roddy White 13.  Expect the SBs to jump up this week's power rankings.

Speaking of benches... I think The Competitors might have the deepest bench in the league: Lamar Miller put up 11 points, Terrance West, the unknown RB for The Browns put 10, and Khiry Robinson put up 8.  That's a lot of RBs in the stable.  Well done Competitors!

Fighting Cant's got 50 points between their two RBs Lynch and Bell...  I might have been way wrong about LeVeon Bell.

Remember that time the Mt. Warriors "slept in" and forgot to set his lineup in the JFL Championship?  It comes as no surprise that Preston started Bishop Sankey (who they took way, way too early!) despite the fact that Sankey was not the listed starter.

The Preseason favorite Woodsmen benched Matt Ryan and elected to start Carson Palmer?  Matt Ryan put 31 points...  I am just guessing that Carson Palmer will not be able to match that.