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Sunday, December 8, 2013


We're starting to see the same teams in the playoffs, year in and year out.  For The Prospectors and The Nomads, this is their second year in a row making the trip.  Meanwhile, The Woodsman and SBs were in the playoffs a few years back.  The rest of The JFL is playing for pride -- who's gonna be last?  Right now, the two VOCWers are at the bottom battling it out!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week 13 Headlines

The Silverbacks rattle off 4 straight wins to get back in the playoff picture!  It all comes down to today though!  Win and in!

On the other side, The Blue Falcons proved to be just what I thought they were -- not a playoff team!  Sorry man, if you draft Darren McFadden, you are automatically disqualified! At 6-6 they would be right on the edge of having a shot today, but these last few weeks they have not scored any weeks.

The Nomads are playing the last team you want to play with a playoff berth on the line... The Competitors, AKA THE SPOILERS!  This is the game to watch today.

The Woodsman need a SB loss today, desperately.

The MT. Warriors just didn't score enough points -- right on the edge.  Sorry Presto, I think you are out this year.  Back to bed homie.

7-5 teams need help and to score points... 6-6 teams, need a COT' DAMN Miracle.  Here are my 4 playoff teams - no surprises here:

1.  The Prospectors
2.  The Nomads
3.  KBs
4.  SBs/Woodsman (SO CLOSE HERE!)