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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Welcome to JFL 14!  First and foremost, congratulations to Adam Machado and his Nomads for your JFL Championship in 2013!  An amazing season that was full of highs and lows.  For the record, I never doubted The Nomads.  I gave them the respect they deserved early - ranking them #3 heading into last year's season.  They were ranked just behind The Silverbacks and The Mexicant's.  The Silverbacks of course made a playoff run.  The Mexicant's had a down year, but they were coming off back-to-back championships and were more than deserving of the #1 preseason ranking.  The Prospectors were ranked #4 heading into the season.  My preseason rankings were very accurate, having successfully picked 3 out of 4 teams as playoff teams (had to point out the quality of my ranking system - sorry I missed on The Woodsmen, they were a preseason #6).

The Nomads started off on the wrong foot - falling to 0-2.  But the talent was clearly there - Julio Jones, Dez Bryant, Eddie Lacy, Vernon Davis - the record was clearly not reflective of the squad Adam had built.  Finally, in week 3, The Nomads etched out a victory over The Silverbacks.  He would then win again in week 5, posting a devastating 141 points.  Romo put up 40 points and Dez Bryant 24.  The league took notice, JFLFootball.com reported:
"Adam put up JFL season high 141 points last week.  But as Adam was drinking his fire water in celebration, the injury bug snuck into camp and gave Julio Jones the smallpox!  What makes the red man red?  A season ending injury to your star WR!"
The season ending injury to The Nomads keeper, Julio Jones should have been the low point of the season.  Instead The Nomads rattled off a 5 game winning steak - putting them atop the JFL Power Rankings.  Looking back, I credit the creative roster management from The Nomads staff.  Key acquisitions including, Harry Douglas and Le'Veon Bell, contributed huge down the stretch.  In week #12, The Nomads put up 121 points.  Then, in the following week scored 141 points.  This made them the clear favorite going into the playoffs.

I would say The Nomads cruised through the playoffs, but that was not the case.  The Woodsmen lost on a last minute with The Nomads kicker, Justin Tucker nailing a 50+ yard field goal to win the game.  Adam did not know he had won the game until I texted him -- the win was so unlikely that Adam had tuned out.  In total, Adam got 23 points from his kicker.  Huffman vowed revenge in 2014.

The JFL Championship was not unlike last year's Superbowl - The Prospectors were The Broncos and The Nomads were The Seahawks.  Maybe the football Gods wanted to punish me for calling Peyton Manning a loser who can't deliver in the big games... maybe I am under some Manning curse (meanwhile Scott is still under the Kitna curse).  Anyway, congrats to Adam!

JFL 2014

THE DRAFT:  AUGUST 31, 2014 at 7:00 PM

The Draft, as always will be the Sunday before Week 1 kickoff.  The draft will be at 7:00 p.m. PST.  I will be in Texas and drafting from the iPad.  As always, if there are any technical difficulties (ie you begin erratically drafting retired NFL players), call me and I will pause the draft.  Drafting Darren McFadden or DWilly will not be considered a technical difficulty.


Please be sure to select your keepers.  Keepers lock 1 hour before the draft.  If you fail to select your keepers, I will manually select them for you (I will refer to ESPN's fantasy rankings and select your top 2 players as your keepers).  We have a long waiting list for this league, if you fail to participate you will be sanctioned accordingly.


This year The JFL will be voting on the move to fractional scoring.

Standard scoring works like this:
RB:  10 yards running = 1 point

Fractional scoring looks like this:
RB:  1 yard = 0.1 point

In standard scoring, your RB only earns points in 10 yard increments.  In fractional, your RB earns point for every yard.  In fractional, 10 yards still equals 1 point.  The result will get rid of ties and reward RBs, WRs and QBs for every play.  I encourage you to read up on fractional scoring and leave a comment as to whether you are for or against fractional scoring.  


I love people who pay on Paypal.  Seriously, makes my life way easier.  Cody, you already paid.  Josh you're good.  If you don't want to pay by paypal - you can write me one of those checks you guys still use.  I will hold onto forever and then cash it when you least expect it.

If I missed anything, let me know...  Preseason Power Rankings Coming Soon!

Here's to The JFL 2014 season.  Good luck and God bless the JFL!