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Saturday, August 22, 2015


Welcome to JFL 2015!  First and foremost, congrats to The Competitors!  The 10-3 championship season was arguably the most dominate performance in the history of the JFL.  Let me provide some context here -- The Competitors scored 100 or more points in each of the first 4 weeks of the season.  They produced 100+ points 7 out of 10 weeks -- only missing the 100 point mark 4 times the entire year.  In week 10, they rattled off 145 points.  Averaging 100+ points a game is an incredible accomplishment in fantasy football and one that does not just happen by luck.  The Competitors 2014 season will go down in JFL history and will be considered the standard by which we measure fantasy greatness.  On behalf of this great league, congratulations to Scott and The Competitors.  Admire his 10-3 record and league leading PF below:

The Competitors outscored the next best DDW by over 145+ points.  The DDW ran into some tough matchups and finished at a disappointing 6-7.  Only one win shy of The Prospectors who somehow managed to sneak in to their 3rd straight championship (thanks to an extremely weak EAST division).  The Prospectors limped to a lowly 7-6 record and 5th in overall scoring.  Hardly a championship contender from the start, The Prospectors landed lucky #12 pick in the 2014 draft.  Not only did they have last pick in the draft working against them... The Prospectors were forced to draft on the road (literally Steph was driving) from Austin.  The horrible draft day conditions certainly had their effects -- how else could you explain Matt Stafford in the first round?  If that wasn't bad enough, The Prospectors went against all fantasy football draft day logic and drafted a Tight End with their next pick.  Yep, a Tight End.  Matt Stafford and a Tight End.  Bad (Granted that TE scored 28 in Week 1).  

What else did we learn last year?  Let's look back:

  • I absolutely whiffed on my preseason power rankings.  I had The Woodsmen at #1... They finished 10th.  The DDW were ranked #2... As stated, they finished at 6-7.  I had Nomads at #3... They finished 11th.
  • By Week 2, I had adjusted The Power Rankings and they proved to be extremely accurate - The Competitors at #1 and The Prospectors at #2.  Nailed it!  
  • The Competitors had an absolute stable of running backs - in Week 1, The Competitors had the following RBs:  Demarco Murray (18 pts), Rashad Jennings (15 pts), and Chris Johnson (15 pts) Lamar Miller (11 pts), Terrance West (10 pts), Khiry Robinson (8 pts), and Stepfan Taylor (8 pts). *Points scored in week 1.
  • Beware, The Woodsmen have been deep undercover preparing for the 2015 season since Week 5 of the 2014 season.  If you recall, Ray Rice beat up his wife and in turn, the Woodsmen's fantasy season.  Hey diddle diddle, Ray Ray screwed The Woodsmen up the middle.  Josh did not get a win until Week 7.  By that time, Scott had already secured a playoff spot.  It's ok Josh, 2014 is over and you can come out now...  
  • By Week 4, The Silverbacks and The Competitors were the only remaining undefeated teams. Despite the record, the entire league (including Ole' Silver himself) knew The Silverbacks roster was a giant turd.  Clinging to Trent Richardson for dear life, The SBs posted only 54 points in Week 5 and would go on to win only 2 more games the entire season, finishing at 6-7.
  • As I look at the Final League Standings, I can't help but think that The Worldwide or K-Bastards should have been in the Championship and not The Prospectors...  But despite strong 2014 campaigns,  neither have what I would consider strong keepers.  Sorry Kurt, I am not big on Lesean McCoy this year and I don't think Worldwide gets anywhere near the production out of Manning.  Kurt is somewhat obligated to McCoy -- you wouldn't want to be the guy that lets go of McCoy (although there are preseason trade rumors already swirling).  Meanwhile, Jason has no such obligation to any of his players.  Outside of Manning, Worldwide has Joique Bell, Jordy Nelson, Andre Ellington, Mike Wallace, and Josh Gordon as potential keepers.  Oh wait, BREAKING NEWS, Jordy Nelson is out for the season... Joique Bell!  Joique Bell!
  • Speaking of keepers, The DDW have arguably the strongest pair of keepers in Arian Foster and Marshawn Lynch.  Could this be DDW's year?  It all depends on Foster's groin.  
  • The Mexicant's and The Prospectors landed two of the best rookies from the 2014 season in Odell Beckham Jr. and Jeremy Hill. Per Matthew Berry, Since 2001, there have been only two rookie running backs who had as many carries as Hill and averaged more yards per carry than Hill's 5.1. Those players? Adrian Peterson and Clinton Portis.  I like my chances (as long as Hill doesn't do his best impression of Moneyball's Doug Martin!)
  • The Mountain Warriors were one of my favorite teams last year.  By Week 7, the MTWs were sitting at 5-2 and I really thought this team had a chance at sneaking into the playoffs. However, by Week 8, The MTWs decided to start tinkering with the winning formula, sending Giovanni Bernard to The Prospectors in exchange for Brandon Marshall, Pierre Garcon, and Fred Jackson. Following the trade, the MTWs lost 4 straight weeks, effectively dropping out of the playoff race.  What's the lesson here?  Don't fix something that isn't broken.
  • Molly is day-to-day after suffering a broken finger in the 2014 Turkey Bowl.  Dang girl.  
  • What about all the other teams?  Let's go dumpster diving and dig into some of last year's garbage fires!  At 3-10, The Desperados finished at the bottom of The JFL.  Facing multiple sanctions for not setting his lineup, Alan has chosen to step down as the owner of the team and make room for an expansion team that has yet to be named.  The new owner will be inheriting Calvin Johnson and Frank Gore as potential keepers.  More news on this later.
  • What happen to The Nomads last year?  Coming off a championship year in 2013, The Nomads finished at a dismal 5-8.  Still, Adam has some of the stronger keepers in the league in Dez Bryant and Eddie Lacy.  We'll see how The Nomads bounce back after the down year.
  • What about Moneyball?  Is this the year that Jebby finally gets out from his brother's shadow and makes a playoff run of his very own?  We'll see!
I am super excited for another season of JFL!  Let's talk draft!  This year will be our very first LIVE DRAFT!  Draft info below:

DRAFT TIME:  6:00 PM - Saturday, September 5
DRAFT LOCATION:  113 Skyler Lane, Phoenix Oregon
*Pre-Event activities begin at 5:00 PM (Hosted by JFL'S Official Room Mom, Karen!)

I hope you all can make it to the event and represent your respective teams.  PLEASE BRING $50 WITH YOU TO THE DRAFT.  If you don't plan on attending the draft please use the extremely simple Paypal option below:

I would really like to get everybody's money before the season kicks off.  Don Sr. will be helping me collect funds this year.  Those who fail to pay will be receiving Paypal invoices, public shaming via this website/Sunday morning group text messages, and ultimately, super awkward phone calls from my Dad.  Don't be that guy.

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Thanks to everyone who showed up!  Our numbers may be dwindling, but the spirit is stronger than ever!

Sunday, November 9, 2014


The Projected Playoff Bracket:

Combining total points scored and overall record, the ESPN projected playoff bracket is very close to what our top 5 rankings show this week.

1.  The Competitors
A truly historic season so far for The Comps - never before have we seen a team so dominant in the regular season.

2.  Kurteous Bastards
Kurt and Scott have far and away the two strongest teams this year.  With a win today, the KBs could effectively ruin repeat hope of our last year's champ, The Nomads.

3.  Worldwide
This team is gonna get a whole lot stronger when Josh Gordon returns.

4.  DDW
DDW made a trade with the Cant's this week and added Marshawn Lynch to his backfield...  Just in time to play the broken down Prospectors - thanks a lot.

5.  The Prospectors
The Prospectors are hurting this week... With byes for Brady and Edelman/Bernard injured, I'm forecasting a loss today against #4 DDW.  I hope I can score more than 60 points.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week 8 Rankings

In this year's "SOMEBODY'S GOTTA WIN IT BOWL" we have The Nomads (2-5) vs. The Woodsmen (1-6).

#1  The Competitors (5-2)
Big test this week for The Competitors against #2 Mt. Warriors.  The Competitors have been the #1 throughout the entire season -- an impressive 7 week run.

#2  The Mt. Warriors (5-2)
The MTWs were involved in a blockbuster trade this week, sending star RB Giovanni Bernard to The Prospectors in exchange for Brandon Marshall, Fred Jackson and Pierre Garcon.  As a result, The MTWs have arguably the best WR core in the league with Demaryius Thomas and Brandon Marshall.

#3  Kurteous Bastards (5-2)
Could this be Kurt's year?  As we approach the second half of the season, The KBs are the surprise of the year (... the other surprise being The Woodsmen...).

#4  Prestige Worldwide (5-2)
Try to say Prestige Worldwide without echoing, WIDE WIDE WIDE.  It's impossible.  This RB core isn't sexy, but they are getting the job done.  Darren McFadden?!?!?

#5  DDW (4-3)
With so many teams sitting at 4-3 or 5-2, this week is going to provide some much needed separation.  I think The DDW emerge in the 2nd half of the season.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

WEEK 7 RANKED TEAMS: Competitors Remain On Top

There are 7 teams sitting at 4-2!  Has The JFL experienced such parity!?!?!  With that parity comes a new take on this week's ranked teams...  At this point, I'm ranking rosters and total points scored.  Sure The Competitors have lost two straight, but at this point, he still has the best roster and is still leading the league in points scored.  I will say this, if he drops another one this week, I'll start to reconsider.

As I stated, #1 Competitors lost another game last week to the unlikely Centurions.  At 3-3 The Centurions are looking shrug off that Billy Beane moniker that has been haunting them for years.  However, this year's biggest draft gaff, Doug Martin, might keep ole' Billy on the outside looking in on this year's playoffs.  As for The Competitors, look for them to get back on track this week against against the struggling Nomads.

#2 Mt. Warriors are looking extremely good and it would really be a coin flip between MTW and COMPS as to who has the better roster.  The points and depth give The Competitors the edge in regards to Power Rankings, however MTWs have youth.  Also, I really like there recent trade, unloading Percy Harvin (who recently was traded away from the offensive minded Seahawks to the struggling Jets) and grabbing up Trent Richards.  Percy hasn't scored in double digits since week 1 (not that Trent is much better, but he is a goal line guy who has found the end zone in two of the last three games and will continue to benefit from an Andrew Luck offense.

#3 The Prospectors make a huge jump this week after posting back to back 100+ point performances.  It should also be noted that they have finally ditched Matt Stafford for Tom Brady.  The Prospectors are on a two game winning streak and #2 overall in total points scored.

#4 Kurteous Bastards had another strong showing last week against The Silverbacks.

#5 Worldwide and DDW are neck and neck -- this is just a matter of opinion... I like Wordwide's roster better - hard to argue with Peyton Manning.  However, it could be an entirely different story once Montee Ball returns to DDW's roster.