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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week 3 Power Rankings: The Cant's at #1

1.  The Mexicant's (2-0)
Aaron's team jumps from #3 to #1 this week after an impressive 115 point performance in Week 2.  The #1 ranking could arguably go to any handful of teams that sit at 2-0.  However, I base my decision solely on the depth that Aaron has on his roster.  Remember, Aaron is 2-0 without LeVeon Bell in the lineup.  Once Bell returns, Aaron's team becomes even more difficult to beat.  In addition to LeVeon Bell on the bench, Aaron also has Tyler Eifert, Victor Cruz, Allen Hurns, Darren Sproles and Sterling Sheppard all ready to plugin in case of injury/bye.  

2.  The Woodsmen (2-0)
Josh is 2-0 and leading the league in overall points scored.  I could easily make a case for Josh being the #1 team, I just tend to like Aaron's depth more.  Regardless, The Woodsmen and Cam Newton are going to be a really tough team to beat this year.

3.  The Salty Dogs (2-0)
Similarly to The Mexicant's, Danny's team has found great success without their top RB in the lineup.  Once Jamaal Charles returns to this lineup, I see Danny and The Dogs being a very difficult match-up.

4.  Moneyballers (2-0)
Ok, ok, Moneyballers, we see you!  Don't discount Chris' roster this year -- could this be their year?

5.  Kurteous Bastards (1-1)
I like this lineup a lot.  We got a glimpse of what the KBs could do last week in their 113 point performance.

6.  Worldwide (1-1)
I think last week's showing was a bit more true to form for the WW.  I don't think they are as bad as I thought, but I don't think they are a top 5 team either.  

7.  The Prospectors (1-1)
Last week I probably overreacted a bit in ranking The Prospectors down at #11.  Until Brady gets back, #7 feels right.

8.  The Silverbacks (1-1)
After a number of injuries, Silver tumbles down to #8.  With major gaps in the roster, the Silverbacks have a lot of work to do.  However, Don has been here before and he welcomes the challenge.

9-12.  DDW, Competitors, Nomads, Mt. Warriors
I could make an argument that a couple of these teams have had bad luck when it comes to match-ups.  Take Preston's team for example, the MTWs are #5 in total points scored and have yet to win a game.  

Sunday, September 18, 2016

WEEK 2: Woodsmen & Prestige Worldwide Trending Up

Like ESPN's weekly point projections, Power Rankings can be a complete crap shoot.  This year's Preseason Power Rankings got off to a rough start with 3 out of the 4 top ranked teams losing in Week 1.  Not only did the top teams lose, but the lower ranked teams excelled.  #12 Prestige Worldwide were among the top scoring teams in the league and the #11 Moneyballers beat #4 Prospectors.    

While I definitely missed on some teams, I did manage to call a few things correctly, namely The Silverbacks. 

Despite disappointing performances from the other top ranked teams, The Silverbacks justified their preseason #1 ranking and put up major points in the process.  It seems The Silverbacks are still enjoying some of last year's magic -- Antonio Brown and D. Willy combined for 50+ points, helping Silver come back from a huge deficit.  At the end of Week 1, The Silverbacks put up 128 points in the win and was 2nd in overall scoring for the week.

The Woodsmen put up a league high 132 points behind big performances from Cam Newton, AJ Green, and Larry Fitzgerald.  Expect The Woodsmen to move up this week's power rankings.

Meanwhile, the biggest surprise from Week 1 had to be Prestige Worldwide.

In Week 1, Prestige Worldwide silenced all the critics and when I say critics, I really just mean me.  I'll be the first to admit it, I've been far too critical of PW.  I went full Trump on PW -- spewing hateful misinformation without any real clue as to what I was saying.

If you remember, I said that CJ Anderson was going to have a horrible year... Anderson proceeded to go for 25 points in the season opener.  BRICK.  Next, I put Worldwide at the bottom of the Power Rankings...  They responded by putting up 121 points.

The #8 Salty Dogs also surprised in a big way, putting up 127 points in Week 1 -- nearly doubling the total points scored by both The Competitors and The Prospectors...

The Brother's Grimm, aka The #4 Prospectors & #9 Competitors, both put up a league low 69 points.

1.  The Silverbacks (1-0)
No brainer here.  Top scoring team in Week 1, defending champs, best keepers.

2.  The Woodsmen (1-0)
After a strong showing in Week 1, The Woodsmen jump all the way up from #7 to #2.

3.  The Mexicant's (1-0)
When compared to the other winning teams in Week 1, Aaron's team was a bit under the radar in their 88-83 win over the Kurteous Bastards.  I like this team, but they'll need to put up more points this week to stay in the top 3.

4.  The Salty Dogs (1-0)
The Salty Dogs jump up from #8 to #4 this week after a dominating win in the season opener.  When Jamaal Charles returns, this roster becomes even more impressive.  Don't sleep on the dogs this year.

5.  Prestige Worldwide (1-0)
Prestige jumps from #12 to #5 this week.  I still see vulnerabilities in this roster, but after last week's performance, I will not dismiss PW again.

6. The Mountain Warriors (0-1)
Despite the loss, I think Preston has one of the strongest rosters in the league.  He was in the top 5 last week in scoring, but had a tough matchup against Silver.  I see Mt. Warriors winning big today against The Moneyballers.

7.  Kurteous Bastards (0-1)
KB still has one of my favorite rosters in the league -- Russell Wilson, Todd Gurley, Matt Forte, Rashad Jennings, Jordan Matthews... Am I wrong here?  I think they get the win today.

8.  DDW (0-1)
The DDW tumble from #2 to #7 after a disappointing opener.  I like this roster, but they have another tough matchup this week against #2 Woodsmen.

9.  Nomads (0-1)
Despite the loss last week, The Nomads move up from #10 to #9.  Adam and crew put up 98 total points and showed that The Nomads have major scoring potential.

10.  Moneyballers (1-0)
The Moneyballers got the win, however until we have a GRONK sighting, I cannot put this roster in the top half of my Power Rankings.  A win is a win, but let's be honest, the Moneyballers were in the bottom 3 of total points scored last week (total of 73).  Respect is due, but I need to see more points before I can move this team up.

11.  The Prospectors (0-1)
DAMN YOU TEVIN COLEMAN.  How can the #1 RB from last year be reduced to a backup this year?  Fantasy is a fickle mistress.

12.  The Competitors (0-1)
Look, the #12 in front of this team's name says it all...  I don't need to talk about what we already know -- this team

Sunday, September 11, 2016


I am pretty proud of last year's Preseason Power Rankings.  The Silverbacks delivered on their preseason #1 rank, adding even more credibility to this already highly respected preseason column. Of course, I did put The Competitors at #2 and Mexicant's at #3 respectively.  Both teams underperformed, finishing at 8th (COMPS) and 10th (MEXI).   The Prospectors were preseason ranked at #4 and they finished at #3 -- but we are all pretty accustomed to The Prospectors finishing in the Top 4.

The Mountain Warriors were the big surprise for me last year, finishing the year at #2 after being preseason ranked at #9.  Let's see if last year's performance has any influence on where Preston ends up in the power rankings this year.  Me thinks, yassss.

The Woodsmen meanwhile were less of a surprise.  After being ranked at #6 in the preseason, Josh went on to finish #4.


I can't remember a year when there was so much disparity between the haves and have nots.  For the most part, the teams in the JFL are relatively balanced.  Up until this year, we haven't had the Golden State Warriors scenario, wherein one teams somehow turns into the super team.  However, this year we are starting to see massive gaps between team rosters.  It's just like Bernie has been saying -- THE MIDDLE CLASS IS SHRINKING!!!

No disrespect to the have nots, but you must admit, there is an obvious gap in talent levels here.  This is not just my opinion -- if you start to compare keepers point production from last season, we see obvious gaps between the top and bottom teams.  Based on last year's stats, The Silverbacks have what I consider to be the overall most valuable keepers.

Looking below, I've ranked each team from 1-12 based on their keepers (with their overall 2015 final positional ranking).  You could argue these keeper rankings, but I think it is a fairly accurate stack ranking.

(positional rankings based on final stats from 2015)

1.  The Silverbacks:  #2 RB Adrian Peterson /  #1 WR Antonio Brown

2.  The DDW:  #2 WR Julio Jones / #5 WR Odell Beckham Jr.

3.  The Kurteous Bastards:  #3 QB Russell Wilson / #5 Todd Gurley

4.  The Mexicant's:  #6 RB Lamar Miller / (INJURED) Le'Veon Bell

5.  The Prospectors:  #1 RB Devonta Freeman /  #6 WR Deandre Hopkins

6.  The Woodsmen:  #1 QB Cam Newton / #8 WR AJ Green

7.  Mountain Warriors:  #7 QB Aaron Rodgers / #12 WR Brandin Cooks

8.  The Salty Dogs:  #7 RB David Johnson / (INJURED) RB Jamaal Charles

9.  The Competitors :   #16 WR Sammy Watkins /  (INJURED) WR Jordy Nelson 

10.  The Nomads:  #27 RB Eddie Lacy / #26 WR Amari Cooper

11. The Moneyballers:  #1 TE Gronkowski / #27 Mike Evans  

12.  The Worldwide:  #46 WR Keenan Allen / #40 WR Alshon Jeffrey 

I understand that last year's scoring does not have an impact on this year's output and the strength of a team's keepers should be the only thing considered when ranking.  However, I wanted to provide some additional context as to what goes into the Commissioner's Preseason Power Rankings.  It's no surprise to see the teams with the strongest keepers are near the top of this year's rankings.

1.  The Kurteous Bastards
Kurt had the best draft of his career - Rashad Jennings, Matt Forte and Todd Gurley makeup a strong backfield.  Russell Wilson was the 3rd highest scoring QB last year.

2.  The Prospectors
With Scott's endorsement, I am putting The Prospectors at #2.  Tom Brady, Devonta Freeman, Ezekiel Elliot, Deandre Hopkins, and Randall Cobb make up a pretty strong roster.

3.  The Mexicant's
I think Lamar Miller and Le'Veon Bell have huge seasons.  Aaron also has solid WRs in Allen Robinson and Kelvin Benjamin.

4.  Silverbacks
The Silverbacks had no doubt the best keepers, but I have some questions elsewhere... As always, Silver has decided to roll out his wild hogs with J. Stew and D. Willy.  Add AP to that stable and Silver has literally the oldest RBs in the league.

5.  DDW
Odell Beckham Jr. and Julio Jones on one team just seems unfair.  I like Cody's team, not entirely sure on Rawls and Murray.

6.  Mt. Warriors
Everyone loves Brandin Cooks this year -- could prove to be the smartest keeper move of the year.

7.  Woodsmen
Love Cam Newton -- especially with Kelvin Benjamin back at WR.

8.  Salty Dogs
Jamaal Charles was a keeper was a risky move.  He is already missing week 1.  Once Charles returns, I think the Salty Dogs look better than a #8 team.

9.  Competitors
How did we end up here?  Sammy Watkins and Jordy Nelson?  Keepers they are not.  Let's see what type of savvy moves this former champion GM can make to right this ship.

10. Nomads
I think The Nomads have a high upside -- in fact, if there is one team that could surprise everyone this year it could be The Nomads.

11.  Moneyballers
I think Gronk is a valuable keeper -- however, he is injured and Tom Brady is out for the first 4 weeks.

12.  Worldwide
I might be, probably super wrong about C.J. Anderson.  Yikes.  

Monday, August 22, 2016

2016 KICKOFF: Silverbacks Defending Champs

Welcome to the 2016 fantasy season!  Before we kick off the new season, let's take a moment and congratulate the 2015-16 JFL Champion, The Silverback himself, Don Senior.  The Silverbacks had one of the most memorable performances in league history.  After starting the season 1-5, savvy Silver somehow rallied to win 6 straight and sneak into the playoffs.  During that incredible 6-win run, Silver posted yuuuuuuge numbers on his way to leading the league in total points scored:
  • 156 points in Week 10 
  • 136 points in Week 12
  • From week 7-13, Silverbacks averaged 110+ points per game
These performances were made possible by a number of free agent pickups and crafty trades.  Let's take a look at some of Senior's key transactions:
  • Silverbacks acquired Carson Palmer from free agency in Week 1 -- Carson Palmer in Bruce Arians offense blew up last year -- good move Silver!
  • Silverbacks traded Ronnie Hillman/Alan Hurns for Calvin Johnson -- I am not sure how this trade happened, but Megatron had some monster games down the stretch.  Is Hurns a keeper... Maybe?
  • Silverbacks traded TJ Yeldon for Deangelo Williams -- Silver credits D.Willy for taking him to the promise land as he played a key role at a pivotal moment in the season.  Again, maybe someone was looking for a keeper in TJ Yeldon... and if that's the case, that's sad.
  • Silverbacks acquired Jeremy Langford off waiver wire -- Langford had three 20+ games during Forte's injury.  This one hit too close to home for me to discuss.
  • Silverbacks acquired Charcandrick West off waiver wire -- Charcandrick was just one of many role players that provided stability for Silver in his great time of need.  Remember, Silverback held out hope for CJ Anderson for far too long (every year Silver seems to draft a RB that totally shits the bed -- anyone remember Trent Richardson?)  
Congrats Silver!  Your perseverance and roster moves were equally impressive.  Three cheers for Silver!

With that, let's talk 2016 and the opportunity to MAKE YOUR TEAM GREAT AGAIN!  As you know by now, the league has been activated.  Draft info can be found below:


This year I am proud to announce that the Silverback himself will be acting as the Department of Treasurer.  He will be calling each of you to collect league fees.  You also have the option to pay via PAYPAL.  However, that option is only good for the next week.  At that point, if you have not paid, Don will be calling you directly to collect a check.  PayPal info can be found below:

League Fees for 2016 are $50:  https://www.paypal.me/donjeter


***Bold bets & Commissioner's power rankings will be published post-draft.